Platz 9:

Kaushik Majumder – Women At Work

Literaturquelle: Rabindranath Tagore: Ora Kaj Kare (They Toil)


This photo is the embodiment of those who have been devoting their lives since the ancient world for making the society in different aspect of life. But in return they do not get their livings as per their dedication to the society. But they are still the maker of the world by their honest dedication, devotion as well as sacrifice. Our Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore speaks for them in his one of the greatest poetic creations – „ORA KAAJ KARE“(THEY TOIL) composed in the year 1941. I am very much impressed when I read it for the first time and have a wish to picturize the theme of this famous poem through a photo-image which will symbolize the fact of this exploitation of the society. Thus, I captured this image in course of my photography in a brick factory of West Bengal, India.