Words in Images

Initiator und Artist Eva Asaad


The idea of ​​initiating an international photography competition, which relies on literature as a source of inspiration, was created in 2011.

My intention was to create an exciting interplay between photography and literature, to give photographers the opportunity to submit photographic works on the subject of literature. I am curious about which literary source of inspiration they choose, and above all, how they implement their image idea. What do image authors read? Which book? Which poem, which word inspires, and how they visualize language?

The stories, novels or poems inspire interesting photographic perspectives and thus bring the literature into the focus of the beholder.
Photographers turn into “image poets”.
Eva Asaad, 2012


Words in images connect the world of photography with the world of literature.
Both concern themselves with the art of observation, choosing a section of reality, transporting individual content out of direct experience, and changing perception.

A successful competition depends on being generously supported.

Thanks to the sponsors, the jury, in particular to the photographers who make the competition what it is today through their diverse submissions.
I´m looking forward to your competition entry.

Eva Asaad for wordsinimages