Platz 1:

Antonio Pérez – I’m looking at you, you’re looking at me

Inspired by Virgina Woolf – Orlando

The saturation of photographic images in this digital world leads me to collect and save negatives from different years and periods in different flea markets and second-hand stores. To then make them coincide in the same living space, photographic taking (uniting past times) where they merge into a single image and lived moment, from glass plates, large format negatives, medium format negatives, medium acetate negatives, negatives 35mm etc. Different sizes, different supports from our photographic past, photography as a celebration and as a family documentary event, parties, family reunions, vacations, portraits, a day at the beach, children’s games, in the city, etc… Like the work of a watchmaker who moves time backwards and forwards, sometimes I make them touch on the horizon line, other times their gazes coincide a hundred years apart, events that occur, gestures and shared moments, glances and social spaces that has marked identities and generated spaces of oppression, united in an imaginary timeline, united forever after my photographic shot. A reflection/reflection of our own experience with memory, which does not fit us perfectly, in pieces, caught with adhesive tapes, avoiding the perfect fit…